Quite simply, myself, my son Keegan & daughter Mckenna, gain a huge amount of joy & entertainment when watching any game that Ray Hudson puts his genius touch upon. With this, “Shut Tha Windaz!” was born.

John Motson, David Coleman, Brian Moore, Gary Bloom, Clive Tydesley, Hugh Johns, Peter Brackley, Elton Wellsby, Gerald Sinstad, Alan Parry, Ian Darke, Jon Champion, John Helm, Martin Tyler, Barry Davies even the great Kenneth Wolstenholme & radio rental Stuart Hall must all get upon their knees & hand it to Raymond.

This site is dedicated to the the star man himself & license for all & sundry to read about & witness a man at the top of his game. Ray’s unparalleled enthusiasm & delivery is second to none & GolTV are frankly lucky to have him. Revel in total Rayness!

Please participate & email all your RayQuootes to rayhudsonisapoeticgenius@gmail.com.

All the best & bow down to ‘The Undisputed Michelangelo of the Mic’


Dara, Keegan & Mckenna

  • Shut Tha Windaz!!!

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toon-subbuteo.jpeg Poetry on Grass!


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